Teacher Quotes


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Throughout my tenure at high school, I—alongside a group of friends of mine—started collecting and recording various quotations that our teachers would say. It started as a simple Hangouts group chat where we would send funny, inappropriate, ironic, or otherwise notable quotes from teachers.

Throughout the first year, more and more people joined this Hangouts group chat and contributing their own quotes. As the user base grew, so did the repository of quotations. To better organize the quotes, I started copying and pasting them into a Google Sheet every day after school. This quickly proved to be tedious.

I took two different approaches to automate this system: switching from Hangouts to Discord and developing an Android app to format quotes. The problem with people sending a bunch of quotes is most people didn't take the time to format them correctly. My first idea was to create a really complicated regular expression to try and parse them, but I decided to try and fix the root cause and have them formatted correctly to begin with.

The app went through several revisions; the main feature of the app was a glorified sprintf. Simply enter the quote, the date, the teacher—and optionally a credit if you did not witness it yourself—and share it to Discord. I later developed a web version for iPhone users. A Discord bot then took any correctly formatted quotes and put them in the Sheet with the Sheets API.

Over the 3.5 years of its life, we collected over 800 quotations.